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Let’s discuss the facebook dilemma,

Recently customers have expressed that their facebook account has been hacked.

Let me say that if you are logging into your facebook account, you have most likely NOT been hacked.

How to Tell.

If you have been hacked you will not be able to get into your account. The first thing a hacker does is to change your password in order to lock you out. Then the hacker controls your account.


What happens is not that all difficult to understand. Let’s say I want to drive your friends to bad sites. The first thing is to create a email address through any of the providers. Say like yahoo, hotmail, gmail and so on. Now I create a facebook account using this email.
The next step is to copy your picture on your facebook account which is super easy.
Now I add the photo to my timeline and look at your timeline for your friends and send friend requests knowing that some will add it.

I now can post sites that I’ve created in order to send bogus warnings that your computer has been compromised or other nasties knowing that some may click on the items. The posts will be things you are interested in to get you to click. News items or opinions. Anything to get you to click on it.

What happens is your friends tell you your account has been hacked and you need to change your password. Although I do suggest changing your password from time to time, the problem is not yours. Again I will state that if you truly have been hacked, you will NOT be able to log into your account.

Let your friends know that an impersonator is trying to add them and not to add you again. You should also report the activity to facebook for removal. Taking swift action is key.

I hope this helps clear up what is REALLY going on.

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