Virus's can attack your system, tablet, and even cell phones without you even knowing it. All antivirus programs work on a simple premise. Someone has to get infected, and turn it in, or they are discovered by the antivirus companies. Having an antivirus program, does not keep you 100% protected. This is because of the number of virus's being written everyday. This can even lead to loss of your data, pictures, even emails. What we do is different from most shops. We secure your data before we begin work to keep it safe. Then we go through your system eliminating spyware, malware, and of course the virus(s). Time is the important factor when you discover a virus has attacked your system. Some variants open the door to even more virus attacks. Some even disable your antivirus program without you knowing it. Here are some simple guidelines to follow.

1. Something doesn't seem quite right, pop ups are showing up, your apps or programs are not functioning or functioning right. This is the time to take action and get it in to be disinfected. Waiting, trying things yourself often leads to larger problems. There are many programs that profess to help you, but in reality are just more spyware, malware, and even more virus's. Which are safe to run is often known only to the people like us who deal with them everyday. If you get your device in quick, it is cheaper. We do a thorough cleaning using software tools we have written ourselves. We constantly update our software to keep up with the tricks the virus writers come up with. If you bring it in right away, we charge only $65.00 and turn it around in 24 hours. There are shops that claim to do a one day service but the reality is that it takes a good 24 hours to thoroughly go through a device. We don't cut corners.

2. Hacks and virus's are where you don't expect them. Facebook, twitter, emails, even searching can infect you in an instant. A single click or touch is all it takes. Hackers have found havens in social media, trying to fool you into clicking. Even your friends device can be fooled into infecting you. Your odds of being infected have never been higher. Recently we have removed a virus from a system where the customer was just searching how to treat chigger bites.

3. No device is safe. After removing ransomware from several ipads a year ago, we can honestly say no device is exempt. We work on Apple's devices, Linux, Android and Windows devices.

4. We are here for you. Just stop in at 123 Main Street, Clinton, MN, Call us at (320) 325-5941, or email us at to get help for your device right away.